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Thank You For Visiting Seattle Car Window Tinting! also known as Saradas Enterprise is owned and operated by The Wilson’s who have been serving the Pacific Northwest  for over 9 years now. We, Seattle Car Tint, provide Commercial and ResidentialAutomotive Window Tint, and Aftermarket Auto Accessories offering on-site installation to all our Customers  at wholesale prices. We, Seattle Car Tint, have become the Most Preferred Window Tinting  Company for Our Customers because of our ability to provide quality workmanship and a life-time guarantee on our films.

Seattle Car Tint, Window Tinting, provides the best window tinting you can find anywhere. Because many local auto dealerships, use Seattle Car Tint we’re always up-to-date on the latest cars. We offer top-quality glass tinting for all your residential, commercial and auto needs. Our goal is to provide each and every one of our customers with first-class customer service, top-of-the-line products and rock bottom rates. Call or Request Your Instant Free Window Tint Quote Now And Get $50 Off.  Let  Seattle Car Tint Window Tinting, take care of   all your window tinting needs.

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Lifetime Warranty Included With Your Automotive Window Tint Installation By Seattle’s Most Respected Tinter

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Most Experienced Installers
  • Servicing The City of Renton, Car Dealerships,  and the Public
  • Tinting for over 8 Years
  • All Work is Guaranteed
  • More Cars Tinted than Any Other Shop in the Area
  • Pay About Half of What You’d Pay at a Car Dealership
  • Hybrid Film Designed to Last a Lifetime
  • Reduce Glare
  • Add Privacy
  • Provides a Layer of Protection

We Specialize In Mobile Window Tinting, We Can Come To YOU!

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Don’t forget to check out our other services like our paintless dent repair. Or our money saveing Coupon.

Windscreen Film: The Protection You’re Missing

Why Tint My Windshield??

The sun’s visible and infrared (IR) rays can cause the temperature inside your car to become unbearably hot. But more importantly, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can also cause irreversible damage to vehicle interiors — and to human skin.

Even if your side windows are tinted, you’re still missing an important level of protection from the sun’s rays: your windscreen.

Our latest product line is a series of an automotive windscreen films that provides extremely effective protection against the UV and IR rays that penetrate ordinary window glass.

Reduce Heat, Not Visibility

While other films employ very dark tinting to achieve similar levels of heat rejection, LLumar’s windscreen film color is light enough to meet visible-light transmission laws worldwide. Its optical clarity and low reflectivity will not interfere with night driving.

With our film in place, you and your car’s interior will be shielded from the effects of solar radiation—and your car will be cooler, as well.

Lower Temperatures = Lower Cooling Costs

In these times of high fuel prices, every opportunity for savings is important. By reducing the interior temperature of your car, LLumar windscreen films can reduce the need to run your vehicle’s cooling system, and that helps your car burn less fuel.

These incredibly advanced films use a proprietary process to achieve an extraordinary level of protection. This protection has been specially designed with your car’s electronic accessories in mind: Seattle Car Tinting windscreen films do not interfere with cell phones, radios, radar detectors, or global positioning systems.

* Check with your local authorities to determine if  Seattle Car Tinting windscreen film is legal in your country, region or state.


If you think about the amount of time you spend in your car, on your way to and from work, taking the family out for the weekend, going on holiday break or just nipping out for groceries, it is vital that these journeys are comfy for both you and your passengers.That’s where automotive window tint film comes in useful. It is an easy but effective way of improving the security and privacy within the vehicle and eliminating glare from the sun and harmful Ultra-violet rays.

Please Think of Us, Seattle Car Tint, for all of your Mobile Window Tinting Needs!

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